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Overwatch 2 Runasapi: Release date, mode, and more about the new map

A new map is coming

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Even though there are a few weeks left until Season 11 arrives, Blizzard has already revealed that a new map called Runasapi is coming to Overwatch 2. Not much is known about this upcoming addition, but we expect to get some more news when we get closer to the new season's launch.

Whilst we wait for that, here is every piece of information confirmed so far about the brand-new map.

Release date

We expect this new map to be available from the start of Season 11, meaning it should be added to the game on Tuesday, June 18. The season will begin at 11:00 am PT (7:00 pm BST) when the update is available to install.

PC players will be able to preload the update through the app a few days before release to have it ready for launch day.

What else do we know about the map?

Runasapi was first revealed in a developer video released before the start of Season 10. This will be a Push map, making it the fourth map designed for this mode in the game.

The map takes place in Peru and Aaron Keller, the game's director, teased that "it gives players a glimpse of the solar warriors" like Illari, possibly set in the hero's hometown or village.

A first look at the map was showcased in that same video and you can see it down below, with a part of the map being shown at the 3:00 mark:

Once we receive more information about the map as well as some gameplay, we will update this article so you can start learning the ins and outs of it quickly. For more information about this upcoming season, you can visit this link as we will gather all the new details there.

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