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Overwatch 2 heroes will be free, starting in Season 10

Some exciting news coming from Aaron Keller himself

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The first Overwatch 2 Developer Update video for 2024 was released and brought some exciting news for future seasons of the shooter.

From Season 10, whenever a new playable character is added to the game, you will gain instant access to it, as it used to be in the original game. This includes Venture, the 40th hero of the game, who is set to arrive with the new season.

Currently, players must get the premium battle pass or directly purchase any new hero through the shop. This has been controversial since the game launched, as some believe it provides a competitive advantage to those willing to pay.

In a new interview published on GamesRadar, the director even acknowledged that his team tried to mitigate this issue by adding new heroes to the free battle pass rewards and implementing challenges to unlock past characters.

"Not all of those things we tried were as effective as we wanted them to be," explained Keller. "We're confident that [by] taking them out, we'll be able to continue to be successful."

In the video, the director also revealed that a new tab in the shop dedicated to mythic skins is also coming with Season 10. With this, players will have a chance to unlock mythic skins from past seasons, just as was promised last year at BlizzCon.

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Something that wasn't mentioned in the video but revealed by the X account OWCavalry, a reliable source for news about the shooter, is that the battle pass will offer gold coins as rewards starting from Season 10.

Right now, the only ways to obtain this currency are to buy it with real money or complete weekly challenges. However, the amount of coins rewarded by the latter is significantly low.

Here is a summary of all the other news revealed in the video:

  • A test session for the map Hanaoka and the new mode Clash will take place in Season 10
  • A new push map called Runasapi located in Peru will be added in Season 11
  • The map Colosseo will receive a rework in Season 11
  • Sometime after Season 12, Blizzard wants to have a season to only rework maps instead of adding a new one. Some of the maps planned to be reworked are Dorado, Circuit Royale, Havana, and Numbani
  • A new Developer Update before Season 9 ends is coming

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