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Overwatch 2 Venture: Release date, abilities, and more

Time to do some digging

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Venture is the next hero coming to Overwatch 2 and it was first revealed back in November of last year at BlizzCon. Now that the test weekend is starting soon, a gameplay trailer was released to show how their different abilities look and work in-game.

Release date

Venture is set to arrive with Season 10 of Overwatch 2, which is schedule to begin on Tuesday, April 9. The new content will be available at 11:00 am PT/7:00 pm GMT, and users from will be able to preload the update.

Although the character is arriving until the new season starts, Blizzard announced that the hero will be available from March 28 to March 31 as part of a test weekend. Players will be able to use the character only in Quick Play matches and any progress won't be tracked.


Here is the gameplay trailer that shows us the hero in action and also teases us the arrival of a new map related to the Temple of Anubis from the first game:

Bio and abilities

Venture is the first non-binary character in the game and the 40th playable hero. As mentioned before, they belong to the damage category and one of their signature skills is to go underground.

Blizzard posted the following graphic that lists all of the hero's abilities along with a short description explaining how they work:

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Apart from letting them go underground, the excavator will also be their primary weapon, capable of damaging enemies at short range. There is also a dash ability that will push enemies back if they are hit by it.

As described by Warn, one of the Overwatch content creators who got to test out the character early, Venture is vulnerable whenever they do the animation before burrowing. So this might be one of the disadvantages and weak points of the hero.

Their ultimate has been described as multiple earth shatters from Reinhardt, with the difference that they can charge it to make it more powerful.

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