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New Valorant bundle MK. VII Liberty leaks

Time to pull out the wallet

News and leaks about upcoming Valorant skins don't stop and now, thanks to one of the most reliable sources in the community, ValorLeaks, we know about a brand-new one - the MK. VII Liberty collection.

The MK. VII Liberty bundle includes some fan-favourite skins. Whether you're a Duelist that favours the Operator or a close-quarters combat enthusiast wielding the Judge, this bundle has something for everyone. In total, the weapons included are:

  • Vandal
  • Guardian
  • Judge
  • Operator
  • Combat Knife

Sadly, at the time of writing, there are no images of what the skins might look like. Once they leak or are officially revealed, we'll be updating this article accordingly.

As for the aesthetics of the bundle, ValorLeaks mentioned the MK. VII Liberty bundle presents three unique variants for each weapon: Desert, Tundra, and Sea.

Having multiple variants might mean the skin bundle is going to come with a steep price, allowing players to personalise their cosmetic fashion, however, we don't actually know how costly the bundle will be.

We do know that the bundle will have an extra layer of customisation, each skin variant in the MK. VII Liberty bundle comes with the option for a single upgrade. So at the very least, it's not a basic skin collection and will have some bells and whistles of the more premium skins.

And that's it for everything we know about the MK. VII Liberty skin bundle. For more content, check out the upcoming Lunar New Year battle pass and skin collection that's coming.

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