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New CS2 update brings a big change to the smokes

Smokes now interact differently with light

New CS2 update brings a big change to the smokes

After a couple of weeks without any major update, Valve has finally released a new patch for CS2 that brings in a bunch of new features and adjustments. From the return of the game mode Arms Race to custom sticker placements on weapons and a new case for skins, we can easily say that this update has a lot going on.

Because of that, you might not be paying attention to the little details and modifications that were also implemented into the game. One of those details has to do with the smoke, which we will explain so you are aware of.

Smokes and light

As the patch notes explain, smokes now cast shadows, plus their animation and rendering have been improved. The key thing here is the fact that it casts shadows because this changes the way smoke interacts with light sources.

One user on X posted an example of this, throwing a smoke inside a room with a lamp. When the smoke is out, the light can't go through it, meaning that there won't be any shadows from players.

Thanks to that, smoke can now be used to remove any shadow from allies and eliminate any sort of advantage that some spots or angles may have across the different maps.

Valve has been showcasing smokes since before the launch of CS2, simply because they were reworked to work differently and look/behave more realistically. With these two new improvements, players will have to once again discover all the possible tactics that can be created around them.

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