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NAL Playday 8 Key Takeaways: XSET and Astralis complete barnburner match, three teams qualify for Major

It was a wild one, and only one remains.

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Image via Ubisoft/@itsmeERROR

XSET and Astralis are bound for the Major and gave the performance of the stage

XSET and Astralis's nailbiting 8-7 affair on Villa was the most entertaining match of the stage thus far. 

The pair were neck and neck the entire way through, something that doesn't happen often with how defender-sided Siege can be. 

Astralis was already qualified for the Major earlier in the day. XSET was playing for their spot -- they needed to make it to overtime in order to 100 percent make it in. 

David "iconic" Ifidon led the way statistically for Astralis, but realistically this game was a showmatch of two Major teams. Both will represent the North American region at the Charlotte Major. 

DarkZero and Spacestation set for "win and in" match

Because of the way the points are allocated, and the tiebreaker scenarios, DarkZero and Spacestation are in an effective "win and in" game in terms of Major contention. 

DarkZero is ahead by a point. If DarkZero win in any fashion, they're in on points. 

If Spacestation win in regulation, they're in on points. If Spacestation win in OT, the tiebreaker goes to round differential -- which Spacestation would have if they win. 

For these two teams, nothing else matters but this. It's the only game that matters in terms of Major qualifications on the final playday. It's set to be fifty intense minutes. 

Three teams qualify for Charlotte

Mirage upset beastcoast, which sent Astralis and Oxygen to the Charlotte Major. 

XSET went to overtime with Astralis, which put them in the Major. 

All in all, NA is looking solid heading in. Revitalized Oxygen seems to be a strong team, Astralis are looking deadly, and XSET's "action style" is paying dividends in attacking rounds. 

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