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XSET fall to Astralis in maximum OT, officially qualify for Charlotte Major on points

XSET are officially in.

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Image via XSET

XSET have done it – they’ve completed the 180 degree turnaround as an organization.

By moving up to 16 points, they ensure that they cannot be hopped by the two remaining teams in the running for the last Major spot: DarkZero and Spacestation. They can be hopped by one but not the other, and their round differential is so wide that it doesn't matter what beastcoast does, they cannot hop XSET even if they tie in points.

Last year, XSET was the worst team in the league by the standings. The roster was relegated by Parabellum in a convincing 3-0 fashion.

The organization bought back into the NAL and handed the keys to the kingdom to Matheus "Budega" Figueiredo, the bombastic ex-MiBR coach looking for a NAL team to coach.

He got his wish, and the XSET organization got theirs – they’ve completely turned their fortunes around and are a ferocious team, particularly on the attack. XSET is one of a few young, promising teams that will get international experience

Now, they’re going to get their shot at international glory at the Charlotte Major – which begins on May 16 and will end on May 22.

With XSET’s victory, only one spot remains at the Charlotte Major for North American teams.

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