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MW3 and Warzone fans blast Conversion Kit that lowers weapon performance

Not all MW3 and Warzone Conversion Kits are worth using

A Warzone player holding Akimbo Basilisk pistols equipped with lasers in the firing range

MW3 and Warzone fans are furious following the recent arrival of a weapon Conversion Kit that's failed to make an impact.

Attention is turning towards the start of Season 5, but Sledgehammer Games is still introducing new Aftermarket Parts that transform the characteristics of various weapons in the ever-expanding arsenal. While some have managed to spark change in the meta, others have missed the mark due to their lackluster performance.

The latest Conversion Kit to appear is the JAK Gunslinger for the Basilisk revolver and instead of improving its viability, it's actually made it worse.

Following its release, players quickly described it as "absolute trash."

The JAK Gunslinger enhances the fire rate of the pistol in addition to expanding ammo capacity from five to eight. The Conversion Kit also reduces recoil enabling players to fire plenty of shots without kick from disrupting accuracy.

Despite the benefits it provides, the time to kill (TTK) is always a determining factor in multiplayer and battle royale matches. According to WZStats, the Basilisk performs better without the JAK Gunslinger equipped. Up to eight meters, it takes two bullets to the chest to secure an elimination with the Conversion Kit but without it, it only requires one.

Call of Duty content creator JGOD couldn't stop laughing at how the JAK Gunslinger performed in the firing range when testing it.

The purpose of Aftermarket Parts in MW3 and Warzone is to transform the characteristics of a weapon giving players even more choice when building a loadout. The JAK Gunslinger certainly manages this but its lack of performance has disappointed many. Despite its underwhelming performance in battle royale matches, it's still a unique weapon to use.

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