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Mirage qualify for Six Jönköping Major

From 10th to 10th to the top four.

Image: Ubisoft

After bringing in two rookie players for Stage 3, Mirage have secured a top-four finish in the North American League and will attend the upcoming Jönköping Major in November. 

This comes after they finished both Stages 1 and 2 this year in 10th place. They then brought in two new players, Jesse "Mohesse" Sheffield, from Arial Arise, and Lorenzo "Dexter", who had been a part of an unsuccessful trial at Spacestation Gaming.

Since then, Mirage have had a 4-0-3-2 record which has shot them up to fourth place. While the roster did lose oin the final play day, a 4-7 against Soniqs, Astralis couldn't secure a win against Oxygen to capitalise on the defeat.

While the Six Major will be the debut global event for all five players, it is a stage that both coaches are familiar with. The team's head coach, Cristian "Guerra" Guerra, worked with DZ at SI 2020 and the Raleigh Major, whilst their assistant coach, Zachary "Nyx" Thomas, has attended multiple Six Invitational, Six Major, Pro League, and DreamHack events.

This result also means that no NA team has attended all three Majors this year and that all four of the region's representatives in Sweden made two player changes just last month.

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