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LeonGids: FACEIT admitted they were in the wrong for not issuing re-host against G2

According to a tweet from LeonGids, Rogue were incorrectly denied a re-host.

Image via Ubisoft/@krill_vision

According to a tweet from Leon "LeonGids" Giddens, FACEIT has admitted they were in the wrong for not issuing Rogue a rehost in their match against G2. 

A source provided SiegeGG a screenshot of a "Penalty/Incident Tracker" confirming the admission. "Team Rogue was incorrectly denied a Re-Host," the tracker said. "...The Match Official has been reprimanded. Further details can be found in the Incident Report."

The full, individual Incident Report was not shared with SiegeGG. According to the general tracker, Nicolas "P4" Rimbaud was issued a warning for using a banned cosmetic. The specific rule that was incorrectly applied to Rogue was "EU Rulebook Regulation '3.7. Re-Hosts'."

In this week's match against G2, Rogue's Juhani "Kantoraketti" Toivonen's connection was so rough that he was lagging out in round 11 -- the score at the time was 5-5. Rogue called for a re-host, that was apparently incorrectly denied them. Rogue lost the round, and the match 7-5. 

While there is the possibility Rogue would have lost the round in a fair five-vs-five match, playing a man down was a clear disadvantage. 

The round loss has the potential to change the stage. If Rogue notched one more round against G2, the game would've gone to overtime, securing them one point and taking a point away from G2. 

With the tight EUL race, every point matters. There is no hard guarantee that Rogue's lost point and G2's gained point will affect the stage by the end, but the possibility is enough to cause questions about the future will unfold. 


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