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Jigsaw leaves Invictus Gaming in third departure from team

The announcement comes hours after SpeakEasy left the team.

Jack "Jigsaw" Gillies has announced his exit from Invictus just hours after Matin "SpeakEasy" Yunos announced he has left the team and just a week after their coach Ellis "GiG" Hindle also revealed that he is set to leave the team.

With the so-called "super-team" project now a certain failure, the team cannot afford any further player exits if it wishes to continue playing in Stage 3. They will now be looking for two new players and a new coach.

Jigsaw had been a hot prospect in the Oceanic Nationals in 2021 with Team Bliss, with his team believed to be a certain lock for promotion. While the current Gaimin Gladiators team beat Bliss to the APAC South spot, Jigsaw's rookie of the year OCN performance got him signed to the new iG project.

The young Australian was the third-best player in the entirety of APAC South in Stage 2 by SiegeGG Rating, K-D, and KOST, while he was the best by Entry split.

The string of sudden departures have come as a shock to many, with no prior signs that the iG team would be falling apart in such fashion. It is possible iG have player replacements lined up, but Jigsaw and SpeakEasy could see themselves sitting out Stage 3 should other teams be reluctant to make a move for them with just six days left in the transfer window.

However, with the skill that both players have shown combined with no buyout required for them now, it is likely they will find a team for Stage 3.

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