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In retrospect: Five matches that shaped the Jönköping Major

These are some of the results that shaped the Jönköping Major.

In just two days, the top 16 teams of Stage 3 will be in Stockholm competing for a chance to travel to Jönköping and fight for the title through the playoffs on the DreamHack stage.

Here are some of the matches that gave shape to the Jönköping Major.


MNM Gaming 8-7 Team BDS

In Europe, MNM Gaming’s maximum overtime victory against the already-qualified Team BDS was crucial to their qualification to the Jönköping Major.

Leon “neLo” Pesic was the hero of the night, with two key clutches to force overtime. By securing the win against the Frenchmen, the marshmallow qualified to the Jönköping Major. On top of that, with 835 SI Points, they are next in line to clinch a Six Invitational 2023 spot.

If Team BDS had closed out the game before round 12, MNM Gaming would have ended up in sixth place with 14 points. As such, they would have missed out on the Jönköping Major and would have had only 745 SI Points.

Results somewhere else would also have seen Natus Vincere making their first international appearance since the Six Invitational 2022, as the UK-majority roster defeated Wolves Esports on Clubhouse on the final play day of the stage. 


Oxygen Esports 7-5 Astralis

After qualifying for the Charlotte and the Berlin Majors, neither Oxygen nor Astralis will be competing in Sweden. 

Oxygen Esports’ start to the stage was dreadful, as they were seemingly struggling to adapt to the addition of Jacob “Sweater” Bravico after parting ways with Gabriel “LaXInG” Mirélez, who had been part of the roster’s core for four years. Despite a five-game winless streak, Oxygen finished in seventh place after winning the four last games in regulation time.

Heading into the final play day of the stage, with Mirage having previously lost to Soniqs by 4-7, Astralis had to defeat Oxygen to qualify for the Jönköping Major. Fortunately for Mirage, that did not happen, as Oxygen got some form of revenge for their Charlotte Major semi-final loss by winning 7-5 this time.

Additionally, just a week before beating Astralis, Oxygen’s win against DarkZero Esports left the Charlotte Major champions with no chances of going to Sweden even before the final play day of the stage.


Team Liquid 8-7 FaZe Clan

Heading into the final play day of the stage with all the Copa Elite Six spots still to be decided, the final match of the Brazilian season was crucial for Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, and Team oNe.

A regulation victory for Team Liquid would have seen them and Lorenzo “Lagonis” Volpi’s former teammates on Team oNe progress. At the same time, it would have pushed Liquid’s archenemies FaZe Clan down into the LATAM SI 2023 Regional Qualifier, as the Berlin Major finalists would have ended the season outside of the Global Standings’ Top 16.

A very similar scenario would have taken place if FaZe Clan had won in regulation time, but this time it would be FaZe that likely sent Team oNe to the Jönköping Major while sending Team Liquid to fight it out in the Six Invitational qualifier.

After a thrilling start to the game, Team Liquid forced overtime after coming back from a 3-6 deficit. By getting to round 13, FaZe Clan’s spot in the Copa Elite Six was already secured, though Liquid’s was not. Eventually, though, Liquid managed to win the match and secure two points, forcing a quadruple tie in second place. Team oNe thus became the only team to miss out on the Copa Elite Six, as they had the worst round difference out of the four tied teams.

This is the second time Team oNe missed out on a Major this year and will finish in 25th place in the Global Standings, despite having been in the top five of every BR6 stage played this season -- one of the biggest losers due to the LATAM competitive format.

APAC North

FAV Gaming 8-7 REJECT

The second stage of APAC North saw Korean sides dominate, as DWG KIA and SANDBOX Gaming outperformed the Japanese teams in the competition.

However, things changed in Stage 3. The resurgence of CAG and the unexpected improvement of REJECT were new factors to consider, and quickly killed DWG KIA’s hopes of qualifying to the Six Invitational 2023 via the Global Standings.

Despite REJECT’s improvements, which saw them pick up seven out of nine possible points against SANDBOX Gaming, CAG, and DWG KIA, a lack of consistency against other teams saved SANDBOX’s blushes. An overtime victory against Talon Esports and an overtime loss against FAV Gaming saw REJECT finish in third place -- just one point behind the South Korean lineup.

Such an end to the stage for REJECT also had an impact on the Global Standings, as the Koreans still have chances to sneak into the Top 16. 

APAC South

Elevate 7-5 Gaimin Gladiators

Last but not least, Elevate’s victory against Gaimin Gladiators practically confirmed the Thai team’s presence at the Six Invitational 2023, as they currently are in 11th place with 800 SI Points. 

However, at the same time, they killed Gaimin Gladiators’ hopes of qualifying for the Jönköping Major, as the Indonesian team needed the win to qualify for their second Six Major of the year.

Instead, FURY will travel to Sweden to represent APAC South, as they cannot qualify for the Six Invitational 2023 through the Global Standings. Nevertheless, with Elevate not making the cut, they will be Thailand’s only representatives in Jönköping.

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