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“I knew we are gonna beat them if we played how we usually play”: Rogue euphoric after Berlin Major victory

Rogue won a 68-round thriller against FaZe.

Image: Ubisoft/Joao Ferreira

This was one for the books. Rogue beat FaZe Clan in what was the closest-ever tier-one grand final to win the Berlin Major, as three of the five maps played went to maximum overtime.

Not only that, it was also a match packed with storylines. William “Spoit” Löfstedt lifted his first international trophy just four months after turning 18 years-old, while Juhani “Kantoraketti” Toivonen won his second Major ever. Leon “LeonGids” Giddens was also in the spotlight, as it was his birthday. 

Finally, after more than 1,000 days, Europe is on the top step again. Rogue’s victory was the region’s first piece of international silverware since Natus Vincere’s win in Tokoname, back in Sep. 2019.

However, at some points it looked like Rogue would fall at this final hurdle. FaZe Clan won the first map after a maximum overtime victory on Border. Moving to Villa, the Brazilians were off to what was looking to be an unbeatable lead.

But Spoit’s fellow rookie Tom “Deapek” Pieksma clutched a 1v4 to give his team its first round to lift his team’s spirits and Rogue eventually won the map after another clutch by the Dutchman. 

“When he got to that (final) 1v2, we knew he was going to win,” admitted LeonGids in a post-match interview with SiegeGG. “The energy from that just boosted us.” 

“He is the clutch god!” Pascal “Cryn” Alouane added.

After another maximum overtime victory for FaZe, this time on Skyscraper, the teams were set to play on Bank, a Brazilian staple. FaZe had clearly taken notes of Rogue’s defeat against XSET and followed their steps by banning Echo, aiming to stop Deapek’s intel gathering skills.

“Even if that stuff happens we are ready to play,” shared LeonGids, who praised the team’s ability to adapt.

Eventually, Rogue won the map 7-5, forcing the fifth and final map: Clubhouse. Neither team was able to shake the other and after 14 rounds, the scoreboard was still tied. Both teams just needed another round.

“I had no pressure, I didn’t feel it,” said Cryn. “Maybe because I trusted my teammates, I know they are insane, I knew we are gonna beat them if we played how we usually play.”

Meanwhile, the birthday boy shared the same feeling. 

“I woke up today, I felt no pressure, I had full confidence in my team,” LeonGids concluded.

Rogue got the Berlin Major crown with the 8-7 win on Clubhouse. with Spoit taking MVP plaudits and Cryn being awarded an EVP accolade. 

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