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How to use Kapkan traps?

Kapkan traps are easy to use, but there's a catch.

Kapkan is a two-speed, two-health Russian defender in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. He's one of the most used operators in the game, which means mastering his ability is crucial to both use and avoid the Russian's traps.

Although Kapkan's traps official name is EDD MK II, players often call them Booby Traps or Kapkan Traps. Here's everything you need to know about the EDD MK II!

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How to use Kapkan's Traps?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege's Russian defender Kapkan has five traps. He can place them on the frame of doors and windows, and he's able to place as many as he wants.

Once activated, each trap can inflict up to 60 HP of damage. This means that combining two of them will likely kill an attacker.

There are multiple ways to use Kapkan's Traps. Let's go through each one of them!

Placing one on five windows or doors

Spreading Kapkan's five traps across the map is a smart way to use the Russian gadget. Once an attacker walks through Kapkan's trap, the defender will get a notification of the explosion.

Although the Russian operator won't know the location of the attacker, the defenders will know that one of the attackers' health is low.

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Doing this pushes the attackers to constantly look for traps on the frames of doors and windows. This disturbs the attackers' push to the site, as they must be careful every time they walk through them.

Placing Kapkan traps near the Bombsite

Placing Kapkan traps near the Bombsite is another smart way of using his gadget. While the attackers don't have to be careful during the first stages of the round, they will have to waste time and even utility to clear the traps to perform their final push.

Placing two Kapkans on the same door or window frame

As we mentioned earlier, two Kapkan traps on the same door or window frame often end in the attacker being killed.

This is how the majority of players use Kapkan. However, if the attackers spot the two gadgets on the same door, they will know that there are only three more to deal with and that they will probably be on the same door. It's a risky move, which forces you to think about spreading them the next time.

How not to use Kapkan traps?

Using Kapkan traps isn't a piece of cake. Players often make mistakes while using the Russian's devices... so, how can you avoid them? Here are a few tips on how not to use Kapkan's traps.

Don't place five traps on the same frame

Placing five traps on the same frame is useless. It increases the chances of the attackers spotting them, as they are very visible. Moreover, two traps are enough to kill an attacker. You don't need five!

Don't place Kapkan traps high

Don't place your Kapkan traps on a high spot, as it will be more visible to attackers. Moreover, if an attacker walks through a door while crouching, the trap won't be triggered.

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