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The 'worst' weapon in Helldivers 2 arrives to the Cutting Edge Warbond

The divers don't seem happy using this to spread democracy...

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Helldivers 2 is a certified hit with the fans, and the shooter has already built a loyal fan base in the weeks since launch.

The studio's drip feed of new content and its incorporation of the in-game lore with their posts on X (formerly Twitter) have helped elevate the squad-based, democracy-spreading, Terminid-squashing title to cult classic status.

Today, their account posted a weapon added to the Cutting Edge Warbond, and the fans don't seem overjoyed by its inclusion.

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The weapon in question is the SG-8P Punisher Plasma, "a modified Punisher shotgun firing exploding plasma rounds. Fire carefully—exploding plasma can injure squadmates," according to the post's description. Unlike the original SG-8P, the Punisher Plasma is more akin to a grenade launcher than a shotgun.

Stats for the weapon are as follows:

  • Damage - 100
  • Capacity - 8
  • Recoil - 110
  • Fire Rate - 80

The SG-8P Punisher Plasma is an unlockable plasma variant of the existing shotgun, the SG-8P Punisher, a weapon carried over from the original Helldivers game.

To get one of these for yourself, you will need access to the Cutting Edge Premium Warbond, which costs 1000 super credits. You can unlock the weapon on page two for 60 credits.

Comments underneath the post about the new weapon were not so kind; several fans instantly expressed their disappointment in the latest weapon available to squads in the game. The OG shotgun is a B-tier weapon on our Helldivers 2 weapon tier list.

That is the worst gun in the game.

One user said: "This is my go-to weapon when I want to kill other Helldivers. Or myself. Basically anything but the enemy".

At the same time, another moaned, "It sucks. Needs either more damage or more projectile speed."

Others complained about all the Cutting Edge Warbond (premium season pass) weapons, calling them "a waste of medals."

Whether this gun becomes a regular rotation in matches remains to be seen, but from initial comments, it looks like it hasn't landed alongside the Helldivers.

Despite the backlash towards the shotgun, a new major order was revealed today asking Helldivers to wipe out the Automatons; we are sure that the fans will take on this challenge to spread democracy, even though it may be without the assistance of the SG-8P Punisher Plasma.

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