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From useless to overpowered in one patch: Valorant fans complain after Iso's massive buff in Patch 8.11

Iso is now broken

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Drake's "started from the bottom now we're here" is a fantastic line to describe Iso's current state in Valorant following the launch of Patch 8.11. From day to night, the Chinese character has gone from being one of the worst to being the most broken agent in the game alongside Neon, who also benefitted from Valorant's most recent patch.

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Firstly, it's important to understand the changes made to Iso. Riot Games decided to tweak Iso's shield so he could create one without first getting one kill. The buff also allows him to get another shield before the timer ends while being on double tap. Additionally, after two kills, Iso can equip another shield whenever he pleases.

While the community's initial reaction to these changes wasn't great, those haters have realized how wrong they were. Iso has proven to be one of the most broken agents in the game right now, and it only takes a quick "Iso broken" search on X (formerly known as Twitter) to understand how Valorant's fans have been reacting to the Chinese agent. Here's a great comparative video to understand not just Iso's changes but also Neon, Clove, Raze, and Reyna's updates.

However, Iso hasn't been the only Duelist to be buffed in Valorant with the launch of Patch 8.11. Although fans have been talking a lot about the Chinese agent, Neon hasn't gone unnoticed following the tweaks made to her abilities. Some players have defined the Duelist as a "cheat code" as everyone expects to see her being used quite a lot with shotguns.

Needless to say, Iso's buff is the most impressive one. Riot Games managed to bring Iso back from death with Patch 8.11. Before Valorant's most recent update, Iso was arguably one of the worst agents in the game due to her abilities being far behind the abilities of other Duelists like Jett, Reyna, or Raze. Now, the Chinese's shields are stronger. If you're a skillful player with great mechanical abilities, you may want to try post-Patch 8.11 Iso!

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