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Is FragPunk available on consoles?

Here's all the details on whether FragPunk is available on consoles

a woman is standing in front of a colorful background in FragPunk

Is FragPunk on consoles? That's one question that's already on the minds fo players wanting to load into Bad Guitar Studio's hero shooter.

FragPunk is described as a fast-paced hero shooter where Shard Cards play a pivotal role in transforming everything ranging from weapon performance to the rules of the match taking place. Already slated for a PC release, many are wondering if the game will release on PlayStation and Xbox.

With that said, find everything about FragPunk's console release in this guide containing all the latest information.

Is FragPunk releasing on console?

Yes, FragPunk will be available on Xbox Series S|X consoles following its appearance as part of the Xbox Game Showcase in June 2024. This means the likelihood of a PlayStation release is slim for the time being.

If there's any sign of it releasing on Sony's platform, we'll be sure to update the guide with future developments. For now, PC and Xbox will be the only places to play.

FragPunk players posing with weapons on a colorful background

Is FragPunk on Xbox One?

No, FragPunk will not be launching on the previous generation of Xbox consoles which may be disappointing news for those who have yet to upgrade to a Series S or a Series X. The lack of Xbox One release is due to hardware limitations with the current-gen consoles and PC hardware providing more graphical and processing power.

When is FragPunk launching?

So far, a FragPunk release date is set for 2025 but an exact date remains to be seen. For those already excited by what the brightly-colored hero shooter has in store, the game is available to wishlist on Xbox and Steam.

That's all there is to know about FragPunk's launch on consoles. For more on hero shooters, check out the latest on Concord and the Overwatch Season 11 mid-season update.

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