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EUL Playday 5 Key Takeaways: BDS back to juggernaut status, EUL standings logjam continues

A series of blowouts saw French juggernaut BDS find their footing after a series of puzzling results.

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Image via Ubisoft/@Kirill_Vision

BDS find their footing

BDS looked considerably more like their old selves in a 7-1 shellacking of a solid “Outsiders” ( squad. Stephane “Shaiiko” Lebleu looked like his old self with a ridiculous 11-3 K/D on his defensive half, and a 1.99 SiegeGG Rating on the game itself.

BDS has struggled a bit so far in EUL. They lost a head-scratcher to MNM on April 7 and were taken to overtime by NAVI, a roster they should be beating much worse than that. However, today, BDS looked like BDS.

LFO close out G2

In a match that G2 might have needed in order to secure some crucial points against a tough team, they slipped a bit down the stretch. Early statistical heroics from Ben “CTZN” McMillan were met by Nicolas “P4” Rimbaud, who picked up nine kills on defense, and Bastien “BiBooAF” Dulac, who had 10 on the attack.

The victory propels LFO up the standings to third and locks in G2 at fifth for now. G2 still has tons of winnable games ahead of them – but so do LFO and the rest of the top four. At this point, you need all the points you can get to avoid some final-day shenanigans, and getting just one against LFO isn’t going to cut it when you’re still tied with NAVI and Team Secret, and that pair and BDS are still on the schedule. Both direct competition games give NAVI and Secret chances to leapfrog G2, or at the very least create scenarios where the red-and-black clad squad could be shafted on tiebreakers.

Basically, everything’s still up in the air

Logjam continues to throttle middle-tier teams

The classic EUL logjam still exists, but it became a little bit more parseable today. Big wins from Heroic and Rogue gave the pair some breathing room, but spots three to seven are still all within two points of each other.

If you’re on the outside looking in at the top four right now, you really need those points this week. Otherwise, you’re going to have to hope and pray someone above you messes up in the super week, and hope you’re as close to perfect as you can be. Ask cowana last year – ironically, they’re with the organization whose regulation victory knocked them out of contention for the Sweden Major – Heroic.

You don’t want your fate to be decided on the final day. Get clear now – don’t get lost in the whirlpool.

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