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Dota 2 Tournaments 2024: Schedule, Bets, Reviews

All upcoming events

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Competitive esports has become one of the most popular sports globally. Some top players are not only as popular as football and soccer stars but also earn as much through tournaments, sponsors, and donations from their fan bases. One of the games that stands out is Dota 2. Ever since its inception, it has attracted the most competitive players in the industry. This created the perfect professional scene that features some of the most interesting moments in gaming today.

Additionally, like in any other, online casinos and sportsbooks started offering great betting opportunities on the best tournaments out there. You can find reviews of brands offering casino games and esports betting on the GamblingOrb website, which lists only trustworthy platforms offering esports betting. If you’re new to Dota 2 and you want to bet on important games played by the best teams, you’re in luck. In this article, we’re going to list the most prominent upcoming Dota 2 tournament schedule. Let’s get started.

ESL One Birmingham

  • Start Date: April 22
  • Top Picks: Team Falcons, Team Spirit and Team Liquid
  • Prize pool: $1 Million

ESL One will be hosted in Birmingham in 2024 and promises an amazing time for the Dota 2 community. Twelve teams will compete to win prize money and EPT points. Four of the twelve teams will join directly from the EPT Leaderboard, whereas the rest of the group will come from regional qualifying tournaments.

The teams will be split into two groups, and the top two teams will move to playoffs, with those that rank 3rd and 4th will also join the playoffs, but in the lower bracket. The tournament will unfold from the 22nd of April to the 28th of April. The top 5 places will receive prizes ranging from $57,500 to $300,000 for the best team. The rest of the teams will also get compensated with prize money ranging from $25,000 to $47,500, depending on how well they rank.

This is one of the prestigious Dota 2 game tournaments that will unfold in 2024.

PGL Wallachia S1 & S2

  • Start Dates: May 10 and November 15
  • Top Picks: Team Falcons, Team Spirit and Team Liquid
  • Prize pool: $1 Million each

One of the tournaments that you can bet on some of the biggest brands from casino history is PGL Wallachia. The tournament is held two times per year, and you get the top teams in the world competing. The matchup is between 16 teams, and they compete to rank among the top 8 so they can move forward to the playoffs.

The prize pool is $1 million, making this one of the top-tier game tournaments Dota 2. Both of these tournaments have the same structure and will most likely feature the same top teams in 2024.

DreamLeague S23

  • Start Date: May 20
  • Top Picks: Team Falcons, Navi and Team Liquid
  • Prize pool: $1 Million

DreamLeague S23 shares a lot with the other top Dota 2 tournaments 2024. The prize pool is an amazing $1 million, and the awards are split in the same way ESL One does it. Aside from the prize pool, the format of the competition is also the same. Four teams come from the ESL Leaderboard, whereas the other eight are from local qualifiers.

The tournament lasts from May 20 to May 26, when the top 2 teams will fight it out for the prestigious first place.

ESB Liga 2024 Tours

  • Start Date: July 24
  • Top Picks: Team Falcons, Team Liquid and Azure Ray
  • Prize pool: $500k to $1 Million

ESB Liga features the biggest number of competitors in a tournament, a whopping 24. There are several events throughout the year, and the two Dota 2 upcoming tournaments are hosted at the end of July and November. At the time of writing, no teams have yet been announced. However, it’s more than obvious that we’ll see the same top teams scheduled to participate in the abovementioned tournaments.

The only difference is that the tournament in July will have half of the prize pool to the event in November. Some prestigious teams might not see it worthwhile to participate in the tournament.

TI 2024

  • Start Date: September 10
  • Top Picks: Team Falcons, Team Spirit and Team Liquid
  • Prize pool: $1.6 Million

Organized by the game developer Valve, the international is the leader among the Dota 2 major tournaments. In 2024, it’s going to be hosted in Copenhagen, where the 16 best of the best will clash to win the biggest prize and prove themselves as the biggest Dota 2 professionals.

In total, 16 teams are going to participate in the tournament. Some of them will come from open qualifiers and regionals. However, some of the best teams will receive a direct invite to participate in the tournament. As the biggest event when it comes to tournaments Dota 2, all fans will be closely watching and cheering for their favorite teams.

BBD 2024 Autumn

  • Start Date: October 4
  • Top Picks: BetBoom, Team Falcon and Team Liquid
  • Prize pool: $1 Million

BetBoom is hosting one of the biggest game tournaments Dota 2. The first one was held in Dubai in February, and the Autumn edition will be held in October. We’ll likely see the same teams from February competing, meaning that the top contenders are Team Liquid, Falcons, BetBoom, and TSpirit.

ESL One Asia

  • Start Date: December 9
  • Top Picks:
  • Prize pool: $1 Million

There are not too many details about the upcoming ESL One Asia, aside from the set date and expected prize pool. Even though it’s hosted in Asia, it will certainly be watched by thousands of players who enjoy Dota 2 regularly. We can expect to see more teams from Asia, but the top teams will most likely receive invites or participate based on the EPT Leaderboard.


The list of Dota 2 game tournaments above contains only the biggest competitions you’ll find globally. However, you’ll find dozens of other events throughout the year that are featured at various online casinos. Due to the unpredictable nature of this form of competition, betting on esports is one of the most fun types of gambling you can find. One thing is certain: you’ll have a great if you decide to watch and bet on Dota 2 tournaments, as the top teams clash against each other and bring unimaginable skill to the table. Watching is easy. all you have to do is head over to either YouTube or Twitch and stream all the Dota 2 game tournaments of your choice.

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