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Discord partners Valorant to release limited-time avatar and profile effects

Keep on reading to know how to look cooler on Discord, Valorant fans!

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Valorant is one of the most famous video games in the world. Therefore, it makes sense that many people use Discord while playing it. As Discord revealed in their most recent blog post, Valorant is among the five most-played games on the platform.

Therefore, a partnership of this caliber was to come sooner rather than later—and finally, it has happened. Discord and Valorant have joined forces to release an all-new collection of customizable avatar and profile effects.

The cosmetics can be purchased from now until May 7, so make sure to get them now while you still have time! For more information about the partnership and the items included, keep reading.

What agents have been included?

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Valorant and Discord's partnership features four agents: Jett, Reyna, Omen, and Clove. While the first three are arguably some of the most popular characters in Riot Games' title, Clove is a bit greener. The game's newest agent they was finally made available earlier this week.

How to purchase the Valorant collection on Discord?

Purchasing the Valorant collection on Discord is easy. You just have to follow the next steps:

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First, you must press on Shop. This option can be found in the top right corner of the screen, right next to your parties and chats.

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And there you have it! Valorant is Discord's most recent partnership with a video game. The items can currently be found instantly after entering the shop. In the future, you may have to scroll down!

The Valorant items introduced to Discord as a result of this partnership can be purchased for $20 / £15.99. If you're a Nitro owner, the price drops to $15 / £11.99.

What Valorant cosmetics have been released to Discord?

Discord have introduced five Avatar Decorations and three Profile Effects, including the following:

Avatar Decorations

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The Avatar Decorations featured in the collection are the following ones:

  • A Hint of Clove: Clove's butterflies fly around your profile picture.
  • Omen's Cowl: Omen's hood surrounds your profile picture.
  • Reynar's Leer: Reyna's purple energy surrounds your profile picture.
  • Frag Out: Your profile picture is put in the middle of the Ace logo that appears when a player kills five opponents.
  • Blade Storm: Jett's knives surround your profile picture.

Profile Effects

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The Profile Effects may be the cooler items in the collection. However, there are only three of them, including the following:

  • Clove's Ruse: Clove creates a Smoke Cloud.
  • Ace: The Ace logo shows up in the middle of the screen.
  • The Immortal Clove: Clove pops ult in the middle of the screen surrounded by her abilities.

As we previously mentioned, Valorant's partnership with Discord will last until May 7.

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