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Dexter announced as trial player for Spacestation Gaming

SSG will experiment with a Brazilian player in the upcoming Gamers8 event

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Spacestation Gaming has announced that "Dexter" will tiral for the roster ahead of the upcoming Gamers8 tournament taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Dexter is a fairly new player to the Rainbow Six scene, having competed in his first significant tournament just last stage. After qualifying for the NA Challenger League while on the Leftovers roster, the roster was renamed to RentFree and is one of the best teams in Stage 2's tournament.

Alongside notably two ex-XSET and Tempo Storm players, Alex "Butterzz" O'Campo and Xavier "Filthy" Garcia, Dexter has been instrumental to his team's rise in the NACL with them finishing in fifth place with a 4-2-1-3 record.

While Dexter's overall rating wasn't league-topping, he excelled on entry, securing 28 opening kills which includes 19 opening offensive kills to just four opening offensive deaths.

Now, he has made the very quick jump to move to a North American League squad, where he hopes to be the missing piece in Spacestation's success story.

After a relatively promising 2021 Season, SSG then missed out on both the Charlotte and Berlin Majors on the final playday. Due to this, the team announced just a few days after the end of the NAL Stage that Alexander "Skys" Magor would be leaving the team.

With Skys being the team's top-rated player and top-fragger during Stage 1, this left the team looking for a very frag-capable replacement which they hope to find in Dexter.

Going forward, as well as trying to qualify for November's Six Major and the NA League Finals, the team will also be focusing on the upcoming Six Invitational qualifiers, which they will almost certainly need to compete in.

Following the $2,000,000 Gamers8 tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, there will be another month's wait before Stage 3 kicks off, likely in mid-September. In this period, Spacestation will have to decide whether Dexter is a good fit for the roster and whether he makes sense to keep on the team long-term.

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