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Destiny 2 x Mass Effect crossover - Release date, armor, cosmetics, price

The crossover we've been waiting for

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After many years of players wanting a crossover like this, Destiny 2, Bungie's looter shooter is getting a ton of Mass Effect cosmetics, including armour sets, emotes, finishers, and much more.

So, let's take a look at everything that's come with the Detiny 2 x Mass Effect crossover.

Destiny 2 x Mass Effect crossover - Release date

The cosmetics are currently available in the Destiny 2 in-game store, where they'll be highlighted in the featured section for a few weeks.

The store resets every Tuesday, however, we don't know when the exact dates or when we can expect the cosmetics to leave the store.

Items tend to stay for a relatively long time, especially compared to other games that rotate their cosmetics often. So expect the Mass Effect content to stay for a solid three to four weeks.

Destiny 2 x Mass Effect crossover - All armour and cost

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The biggest piece of content from this crossover is undoubtedly the armour, with all three classes (Hunter, Titan, and Warlock) getting a set inspired by a key Mass Effect character.

  • Titan: N7 set
  • Hunter: Vakarian set
  • Warlock: Shadow Broket set

The armour sets can be bought for 2,000 Silver each, or roughly $20 depending on your region.

That's not everything available, so if you find the prices of the armour sets to step, there are a few more Mass Effect-inspired cosmetics, some even for free.

The in-game store in Destiny 2 also includes the Omni Strike Finisher, which features the iconic Omni-Blade from Commander Shepard, and the Flux Dance emote. Both cost 800 Silver each.

Furthermore, the following items are free for all players to claim as long as they log in to Destiny 2 before the cosmetics leave the store.

  • Enhanced Defense Ghost Shell
  • Alliance Scout Frigate Ship
  • Alliance Drop Sparrow

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