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Destiny 2 The Final Shape launch trailer teases a big Zavala revelation

Is Bungie saving one final plot twist?

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The Final Shape promises to completely change how players engage with Destiny 2. While Bungie has revealed plenty of gameplay details, including a look at the Prismatic subclass, weapon and ability changes, they are keeping the story under wraps.

The recently released launch trailer gives us a glimpse of some massive implications that could change key characters, including Commander Zavala. On top of debuting a new voice actor, with Keith Lee taking on the role after the passing of Lance Reddick, it seems the leader of the Vanguard will have to wrestle with a lot of contained emotions that could get the better of him.

The trailer sets the stakes higher than they've ever been in Destiny 2, with The Witness completely reshaping the Earth, as Ikora puts it, he's "reshaping reality into a perfect stillness."

As Zavala enters the Traveler and reaches the Pale Heart, the new location of The Final Shape, he is met with a proposition from The Witness. He tells the stoic Vanguard leader that he can leave all the suffering behind if he becomes one of The Witness's disciples.

Despite seemingly being an emotionless calculated leader, Zavala is perhaps one of the more emotionally driven characters in Destiny 2, with his tragic backstory explored during Season of the Haunted.

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In that season, players learned about Safiyah, Zavala's wife. Both had a child named Hakim, who was murdered by the Fallen during a confrontation. Zavala felt the guilt of being a light-bearer, as he, unlike his son, could be killed and return to life thanks to his Ghost.

It seems The Final Shape could be a massive turning point for Zavala and The Witness could re-open old wounds that perhaps weren't as healed as Guardians thought, turning him into the ultimate foe as The Witness' strongest disciple.

That all remains to be seen when Destiny 2 The Final Shape releases on June 4. If you want to get ready, check out everything that's leaving the game when the expansion hits.

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