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Destiny 2 Episode 1 Echoes - Release date, leaks, and more

The future of Destiny beyond the Light and Darkness saga

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Destiny 2 is reaching the culmination of what Bungie calls the Light and Darkness Saga with The Final Shape, the expansion scheduled to be released in June. Alongside it, the new Episodes former will also debut.

Very few details are known about the Final Shape and Episodes, especially considering that both the expansion and the accompanying new content were delayed after being initially set for release in February.

In this article, we'll compile every bit of official information regarding the new Destiny 2 Episodes as well as potential leaks pertaining to it. We'll update it regularly, so don't forget to bookmark it.

Destiny 2 Episode 1 Echoes release date

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The only piece of official information we have for the first Episode is the release date. Bungie has confirmed that Episode 1 will kick off on June 11, one week after The Final Shape launches.

Season 23, also known as Season of the Wish, is scheduled to end on that same day during the usual Tuesday weekly reset time. It's the final season in the game's history before moving into the episodic format.

What are Episodes in Destiny 2?

If this took you by surprise, it makes sense, considering Bungie has barely talked about it besides swiftly mentioning they were ditching the seasonal format during The Final Shape showcase back in August.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Valorant, Episodes will be broken down into three Acts, each bringing new story content and gear to chase. It will help with the cadence of content delivery, making it more consistent than waiting three months for a new season to drop.

Destiny 2 Episode 1 Echoes leaks

In terms of leaks, everything's been quiet thus far, with most of the dataminers focusing on uncovering the secrets of the Into the Light mid-season DLC that's set to launch in April.

Into the Light will prepare players who are new to the world of Destiny 2 for the launch of The Final Shape. Veterans will get more stuff to grind, with Bungie teasing that a ton of old, untouched content could be making a return with this DLC.

Of course, once leakers turn their attention to Episode 1, we'll update this section accordingly.

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