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Destiny 2 could see Black Armory weapons return with Into the Light

The iconic arsenal might return

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Bungie is trying to inject some life into Destiny 2 as they try to cope with The Final Shape being delayed until June. As a result, the Into the Light update could bring back a ton of forgotten content, including the iconic Black Armory weapons.

On March 7, players browsing TodayInDestiny, a third-party app that tracks Eververse items that will be sold for Silver and Bright Dust in the coming weeks noticed two weapon ornaments that were added following the 7.3.5 patch: Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Great White.

The first one is for The Recluse Submachine Gun, and the second belongs to the Hammerhead Heavy Machine Gun. Both weapons debuted back when the Black Armory was released with Season of the Forge in late 2018.

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This batch of weapons was so powerful and dominated the Destiny 2 PvE and PvP for so long that Bungie was forced to introduce weapon sunsetting in 2020, making all of the Black Armory weaponry obsolete as they could not get their Power Level (PL) raised or get a refreshed perk pool, among other things.

Still, players have fond memories of the Black Armory set, and considering Bungie wants the upcoming Into the Light update to serve as the perfect introductory point for newcomers to the Destiny 2 franchise as well as a reminder of the journey veterans have been on, bringing back Season of the Forge content seems like a must.

Bungie teased revamped content would make its return and old sunsetted gear definitely fits the bill. With patch 7.3.5, the Prophecy dungeon also got a refresh, with new weapons, an Origin Trait, and reissued guns making it a worthwhile dungeon to grind again.

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