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Copa Elite Six Stage 1: Everything You Need To Know

Brazil’s regional qualifier for the Charlotte Major kicks off April 23.

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Following the conclusion of the three main leagues in LATAM, the best four lineups from Brazil and the best two from Mexico and South America have traveled to São Paulo to compete in the Copa Elite Six.

For those unaware of this tournament, the Copa Elite Six is LATAM’s regional qualifier to compete in the stage’s Major. All teams will be awarded with SI Points, with the top four being invited to compete in the Charlotte Major.


LATAM has been subject to many changes since the start of the new competitive season, which have specially hurt the Brasileirão. After the modifications, Brazil’s representation has been reduced from six teams to just four.

The change has created a new format. Last year, the Copa Elite Six had an initial group stage where teams were divided into two groups of five teams. Now, with only eight teams in the list, the Copa Elite Six bracket is the same as the one seen in the APAC Playoffs – with the only difference being that all teams start from the upper bracket.


The Copa Elite Six participants are formed by the best four teams in Brazil, the best two from South America, and the best two from Mexico.

  • w7m esports: HerdsZ, GdNN1, Kheyze, Jv92, volpz, Igoorctg (coach), Abreu (analyst)
  • Team Liquid: NESKWGA, Paluh, resetz, AsK, psk1, hugzord (coach), mcunha (analyst)
  • Team oNe: Lagonis, Maia, Dotz, Dash, rhZ, IntacT (coach)
  • FURIA Esports: Miracle, Fntzy, R4re, Stk, Handyy, Twister (coach), Kizi (assistant coach)
  • Pampas: TomHagen, Re77er, Soco, Tucu, Skillz, Luk3 (coach), L1m0n4d4 (coach)
  • Furious Gaming: VJ, DiRtY, WeTz, blk, Pechito.
  • Six Karma: Fungi, Crespo, Rovi, SkMzY, Morphed, P1XIE, Physicz (head coach), Olimpo (coach)
  • ALPHA Team: Akibeel, Toski, NhilV, SimplyKesh, Slaay, LGS (coach), Thumperr (analyst)

Brazil teams are the favorites to qualify for the Charlotte Major. It is worth noting that, since Jan. 2021, no South American or Mexican team has won a Brazilian roster in a BO3 match.

SI Points and Prize Pool

Teams that qualify for the Charlotte Major will secure 225 SI Points. The fifth placed team will obtain the same amount, but won’t be invited to the international event. Meanwhile, the sixth, seventh, and eighth-placed rosters will be awarded with 180, 140, and 115 SI Points respectively.

Regarding the tournament’s prize money, the winner of the Copa Elite Six will be awarded with $10,000, a number that’s cut in half for the second-placed team, which wins $5,000. Both third and fourth-best teams will be awarded with $3,500, while the fifth and sixth will be awarded with $2,500. Finally, the two remaining teams will be given $2,000.

Storylines to watch

Final step for Brazil’s young blood

Looking at the Brazilian organizations present in the tournament, w7m esports is the only name that stands out as all FURIA Esports, Team oNe, and Team Liquid participated in at least two international events last season.

However, more than half of the Brazilian players in this stage’s Copa Elite Six are still to debut at a major international Siege event. Specifically, Team Liquid, who missed out on the Sweden Major, is the most experienced squad in the competition.

Despite the unexperience of many of these players, the viewership expects them to perform. All eyes are put on potential Major bounds w7m esports and Team oNe, whose incredible results have been one of the reasons why last Major’s grand finalists FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas missed out on the Copa Elite Six.

Will finally a Hispanic roster qualify for an international tournament?

Time goes by, but after five regional qualifiers no Mexican nor South American roster has ever sneaked in to a major international competition.

Nothing leads us to think that this is could be the year. Although Brazil’s representation is extremely young and, on average, arguably unexperienced, the region seems to be way ahead of their neighbors.

However, it wouldn’t be wise to not even consider them to be in the race. Despite a slow start, Furious Gaming’s dream team is possibly South America’s best shot for the Major.

Meanwhile, Six Karma might be Mexico’s best candidate. The team’s first opponent is FURIA Esports, who finished in fourth and are theorically the country’s weakest side in the tournament.

No confirmed teams for the Major until Tuesday

Although the tournament kicks off tomorrow, Apr. 22, the first couple of teams confirmed for the Charlotte Major won’t be known until Apr. 26. This weekend will only see the Upper Bracket quarter-finals, so technically no teams won’t be definetely out until Monday.

With FURIA Esports and Furious Gaming in the same side of the bracket, both teams could meet in the Upper Bracket semi-finals if they defeat w7m esports and Six Karma respectively. Meanwhile, on the other side of the bracket, ALPHA Team will try to upset Team Liquid, while the young roster of Team oNe will face the South American leaders Pampas.

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