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Concord open beta: Everything you need to know

Here's the intel on the Concord open beta

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The May 30th State of Play had a few surprises in store for fans of FPS games, including the full gameplay reveal of Concord, a brand-new hero shooter developed by Firewalk Studios, a first-party Sony developer.

Launching on PC and PlayStation 5 on August 23, on top of revealing a charming CGI trailer and a decent chunk of gameplay, Firewalk Studios confirmed an open beta is coming soon before the full release.

If you're interested in trying the hero shooter then you're probably wondering when and how to access the Concord open beta. We've compiled everything you need to know about it.

Concord open beta release time countdown

With the start of the open beta moving into view, we've added a countdown timer revealing exactly when the servers switch on for early access and for all players:

Early access

All players

Concord open beta start date

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The Concord beta begins on July 12th-14th for players who have pre-ordered the game. The open beta follows shortly after, beginning on July 18th-21st for all PS5 and PC players.

Concord open beta content

Thanks to the PlayStation blog, Firewalk Studios has plenty of content for players to experience during the beta:

  • All 16 Freegunners
  • Four maps - Freewater, Star Chamber, Water Hazard, Shock Risk
  • Three game modes - Cargo Run, Clash Point, Trophy Hunt
  • Planets to explore
  • First cinematics

How to register for Concord open beta

The process of registering for the Concord open beta is extremely straightforward. To access the early beta, simply download it from the PlayStation Store, pre-load the game, and wait for the servers to go live.

As the open beta weekend is open to all PC and PlayStation players, head to the PlayStation Store or Steam to download the early build of the shooter.

That's all there is to know about the Concord beta. For more on the latest FPS titles, check out our hubs on FragPunk and Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

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