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Concord character list

Here's a closer look at the Concord character list

Concord characters posing on a light blue, black and white background

The Concord character list is packed with variety thanks to the abilities each one possesses.

Concord is a 5v5 hero shooter with each character, known as a Freegunner, slotting into different categories to encourage players to build a squad suited to all kinds of situations throughout a match. As with other hero shooters such as Overwatch, some abilities suit certain styles of play better than others.

With that said, find all the intel on the Concord characters in our guide containing everything there is to know.

Concord character crew bonuses explained

Each of the Freegunners in Concord is categorized by the crew bonus they possess. Each bonus provides players with an ability that will improve one area of their gameplay. Below is the full list of crew bonuses on offer:

  • Tactician - Improved reload speed
  • Ranger - Lower weapon recoil
  • Haunt - Higher mobility
  • Anchor - Higher amount of healing received
  • Breacher - Lower Dodge cooldown
  • Warden - Increased weapon range
Concord player holding a rocket launcher with green skies in background

Firewalk Studios

Concord character list

Without further ado, here are all 16 Freegunners available in Concord at launch.

Bazz (Haunt)

  • Weapon: Throwing Knives
  • Movement style: Double jump, triple jump, boosted slide jump
  • Passive - Beacon Blades: Hitting a target with a throwing knife tracks them for a short time
  • Ability 1 - Lunging Strike - Ability to lunge at an enemy with a melee attack
  • Ability 2 - Scourge Star - Thrown items give enemies the Vulnerable debuff, increasing damage dealt to them

Jabail (Ranger)

  • Weapon: Pulse-guided seeker rifle
  • Movement style: Triple jump
  • Passive - Life Cycle: Kills or hits with the Hunter Orb recharges the Life Pulse
  • Ability 1 - Life Pulse: Throw an orb that creates an aura of healing around nearby teammates
  • Ability 2 - Hunter Orb: An attacking orb capable of seeking and damaging enemies

Hyps (Tactician)

  • Weapon: Suppressed NC-9 Burst Pistol
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passives
    • Activate Stealth: Successful dodges activate stealth for a short time
    • Lookout: When eliminated, the player that killed you will be revealed to teammates
  • Ability 1 - Surveillance Trap: A trap that reveals enemy locations when triggered. The trap remains active between rounds. Can also be harvested for ability charges once activated
  • Ability 2 - Disruption Grenade: A grenade that disrupts enemy abilities and damages shields. Throwing it resets the dodge cooldown
Concord Haymar on light blue background with red symbols on the left-hand side

Haymar (Warden)

  • Weapon - Flameshot Bow
  • Movement Style: Hover, air dodge
  • Passive - Flameshot Charge: Aiming with the Flameshot Bow for a short time will overcharge the bolt
  • Ability 1 - Blinding Flash: Throw a projectile that blinds enemies nearby. It can be detonated manually
  • Ability 2 - Wall of Fire: A projectile that creates a wall of fire in the direction it was used

Teo (Ranger)

  • Primary Weapon: ZEG-12 Guild Guard Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: CL ROC 99 Guild Guard Rifle
  • Movement Style: Double jump, double dodge
  • Passive - Tactical Weapon Sights: Ability to see enemies through smoke while aiming down sights
  • Ability 1 - Smoke Grenade: Throw a smoke cloud that blocks the sight of teammates and enemies
  • Ability 2 - Cluster Grenade: A frag grenade that scatters smaller explosives in a small area

Roka (Haunt)

  • Weapon: SAL-90 Light Missile Launcher
  • Movement Style: Triple jump, air dodge
  • Passives
    • Explosive Jump: Fire a blast of explosive damage when double and triple jumping
    • Missile Lock: Aiming down sights locks onto an enemy
  • Ability 1 - Hover Thrusters: Ability to hover above the ground. To cancel, activate it again
  • Ability 2 - Blast Dive: Dive with a blast towards the ground and deal damage to the surrounding area on impact

Emari (Anchor)

  • Weapon: Rotary Scrap Cannon
  • Movement Style: Single jump
  • Passive - Tough as Nails: Damage to the body is reduced
  • Ability 1 - Armor Generator: Provides nearby teammates with armor. This ability stacks over a period of time
  • Ability 2 - Projectile Shield: A destructible barrier that blocks enemy projectiles
Concord Vale on light blue background with red symbols on the right-hand side

Vale (Warden)

  • Primary Weapon: Monarch Sniper Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Monarch Sidearm
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passive - Peak Performance: Improved rifle handling on a headshot
  • Ability 1 - Leap: Higher vertical leap
  • Ability 2 - Trip Mine: Throw a mine that attaches to surfaces and detonates when an enemy triggers it

Duchess (Ranger)

  • Primary Weapon: BA02 SMG
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passive - Austorium Resistance: Resistance to damage dealt from your own explosive blasts
  • Ability 1 - Construct Wall: Build a wall that blocks the sight of players and enemy movement
  • Ability 2 - Ruinous Blast: Create an area that implodes after a delay. Those in the blast take damage and become vulnerable
Concord Lennox talking to a woman with Concord logo on right-hand side

Firewalk Studios

Lennox (Warden)

  • Primary Weapon: Bell Ringer heavy handgun
  • Secondary Weapon: Chesterly Model 3 revolver
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passive - Gunslinger: Swapping an empty weapon with a new one will reload the weapon that's stowed away
  • Ability 1 - Exploding Knife: A throwing knife that explodes on impact
  • Ability 2 - Claxton Healing: Ability to regenerate health over a short period of time

It-Z (Haunt)

  • Primary Weapon: EL120 Electrostatic SMG
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passive - Mirror Image: Dodging or using the Cosmic Slip ability leaves behind a decoy
  • Ability 1 - Cosmic Slip: Throw an energy sphere that disrupts the performance of enemy weaponry. When an enemy touches it, It-Z's weapon is supercharged

Lark (Tactician)

  • Primary Weapon: Razorpod Launcher
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passive - Funal Resistance: Stacks damage resistance when active spores are on the map
  • Ability 1 - Transplant Pod: Drop a pod that Lark returns to when activated a second time
  • Ability 2 - Spore Seed: Drop a spore that grows on the ground. Stand in the spore area to earn haste and damage resistance to teammates. Enemies in the area are slowed and vulnerable

Daw (Tactician)

  • Primary Weapon: .320 Sanctuary Burst Rifle
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passive - Second Wind: Heals health while performing a dodge
  • Ability 1 - Healing Pad: Drop a device that heals nearby teammates
  • Ability 2 - Safety Dome: Deploy a dome that blocks enemy projectiles

Daveers (Breacher)

  • Primary Weapon: MK 5 Grenade Launcher
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passive - Volatile Chemicals: Ability to ignite chemical pools using the fire damage of teammates
  • Ability 1 - Ignition Dart: A dart that deals fire damage and ignites chemical pools when hit
  • Ability 2 - Power Slam: Throws chemical pools that ignite themselves across an area of the map
Image of Concord Star Child holding weapon on shoulder

Star Child (Breacher)

  • Primary Weapon: Skullbreaker Shotgun
  • Movement Style: Double jump
  • Passives
    • Diamond Skin: Provides Armor when Rage Rush or Power Slam is active
    • Berserker: Scoring kills refreshes ability energy
  • Ability 1 - Rage Rush: Charge at an enemy with hardened skin
  • Ability 2 - Power Slam: Punching the ground deals damage to enemies in the surrounding area

1-Off (Anchor)

  • Primary Weapon: CC-1090 Industrial Vacuum
  • Secondary Weapon: Pressure Blaster
  • Passives
    • Scrap Detector: Any objects that can be vacuumed are highlighted
    • Tough as Nails: Damage to the body is decreased
  • Ability 1 - Air Barrier: Places a cylinder of air that detects enemy projectiles. You can gain chargers by filling the Industrial Vacuum
  • Ability 2 - Trash Bomb: An explosive projectile that also bounces. Earn chargers by filling the Vacuum

That's all there is to know about the Concord character list so far. For more, check out the latest information on when the beta is taking place where you can get your hands on these characters.

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