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Clove to feature in VCT starting with Week 3 matches

Pro players will finally get to use the new Controller

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Valorant's new agent Clove will be playable inside the VCT circuit starting with Week 3 games. The decision was unveiled on the VCT's official X account (formerly Twitter) during the final matches of the second week at the VCT 2024 Americas Stage 1.

Following the agent's arrival in Episode 8 Act II, which was deployed after the conclusion of the VCT Masters Madrid, Clove was expected to be a playable character by the second week of action. Unfortunately, the appearance of some bugs pushed Riot Games to delay their competitive debut.

Fortunately, VCT players will be able to pick Clove starting with Week 3. Although Clove is defined as a Controller, many players prefer using the Scottish agent as a Duelist — similar to Omen, who is getting a slight buff with patch 8.07.

While it's still too early to know how well Clove will fit the current professional meta, some players expect the agent's aggressive loadout to be seen regularly in regional competitions.

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