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Valorant's 8.07 update to buff Omen's Ultimate ability

Valorant's upcoming patch may be good news for Omen mains

When we think of overpowered agents in Valorant, some names may quickly pop up including Viper, Killjoy, Sage, Jett, Gekko, and even Omen.

Each of these agents stands out for different reasons. While Viper and Killjoy's ultimates make site retakes almost impossible, Gekko and Jett's abilities are two of the most versatile characters in the game. Finally, Sage's healing skills make her the best support in Valorant.

But, what about Omen? Valorant's Agent 3 has been in the game since its Beta version. After going through tenths of updates, Omen currently finds himself in a strong spot in the meta. However, his position could be elevated if the leaks around his Ultimate are right.

Omen's Ultimate ability to be buffed in 8.07 update

Update 8.07 has been added to the test servers and one of the changes listed in the early patch notes is a buff to Omen's Ultimate ability.

Riot's potential upcoming Omen update will allow him to "interact with other objects" while using his Ultimate. This means that he will be able to pick up the Spike, interact with door levels, and more.

Omen's loadout is currently one of the strongest in the meta as he has access to smokes, can blind opponents, and teleport around the map using his Shrouded Step (close distance) or his Ultimate (anywhere on the map). However, if the changes around his Ultimate are deployed to the game, we expect Omen to become one of Valorant's best agents.

Is Omen a good agent in Valorant?

Yes, Omen is a good agent in Valorant. Omen's abilities make him one of the best characters in the game. His abilities fit the meta in many situations, including defending and attacking

To use Omen while defending, make sure to use his smoke clouds to slow down the enemies' attacks. Then, use Omen's Paranoia to blind and deafen the enemies for a short time. You can use his teleporting abilities to safely move to a different location to surprise your opponents.

Meanwhile, you can use Omen's smoke clouds to provide the planter with some extra cover. Additionally, you can use Omen's Ultimate to rotate to a different bomb location when the enemies don't expect it.

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