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Clove poster appears ahead of Valorant Champions Tour Madrid

The original post has been taken down

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We are just two days away from the full reveal of Clove, the newest Valorant agent that will be introduced in the current season. However, there have been several teasers and leaks about the character in the past few days, revealing their abilities' names or even their look.

The most recent one came through a photo that was recently posted on X (formerly Twitter) by the Team Liquid content creator Tiffae and taken down shortly after. The photo in question shows they and two other people posing in front of a giant poster of Clove and it was shared by other accounts like ValorantUpdated, as you can see below.

This photo will likely have been taken at VCT Masters Madrid, which kicks off this weekend and it's also where the agent will be showcased with some live gameplay. So it would make sense if there were banners with their image at the place.

The official Valorant account has also been posting teasers for the character. The most recent one shows Clove walking behind Yoru with a lamp in his hand.

The caption reads "leave only footprints," and people have started to speculate that this is a hint at one of Clove's abilities.

We will know all about it this Sunday, March 24, as that's when the reveal is taking place. Just before the grand finals, several content creators like Kyedae and Mixwell will participate in a show match where they will be able to test out the new character. The show match will start at 9 am PT / 4 pm GMT.

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