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CAG qualify for Six Charlotte Major through APAC Playoffs

They achieved qualification after winning their upper bracket semifinal game in the APAC Playoffs.

Image: Ubisoft/Kirill Bashkirov

Another international event, another berth for the all-Japanese CAG squad, who scored their spot in the Charlotte Major by advancing to the upper bracket final of the APAC Playoffs.

To get there, they had to defeat DWG KIA, one of the most successful APAC rosters of all time, and one of the odds-on favorites to win APAC Playoffs. Their win was especially nailbiting, as CAG came back from a map down to win 2-1 with two overtime and one maximum regulation time maps.

CAG's Sho "BlackRay" Hasegawa was particularly impressive in the match against DWG, notching a 48-21 K-D and a 1.46 Rating.

While the job isn’t finished in APAC Playoffs, CAG can at least rest in the fact that they’ve secured a berth at the Major.

In the past international competitions, CAG have been very close to the playoff phase, but haven’t been able to make it past the group stage of their past three international tournaments: SI 2021, Mexico Major, and SI 2022.

Time will tell whether CAG can punch above their historical results. For now, the APAC Playoffs will have to suffice as a warm up for this dangerous but unproven squad. 

You’ll be able to watch CAG at the Charlotte Major, which begins on May 16 and concludes on May 22. 


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