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Brazilian phenoms w7m esports beat Elevate 2-1, progress to Berlin Major semi-finals

We are guaranteed a Brazilian team in the grand final.

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In their second global event together, w7m has reached the semi-final of the Berlin Major. This comes after the team won their groups almost flawlessly and then beat Elevate, 2-1 earlier today.

Map 1 - Kafe

After taking an initial 5-0 lead on their attacks which included an almost complete dominance of their opening engagements, Elevate finally got on the board with a flawless defence of the Reading Room objective. This was notably also the first round in which Elevate got the opening kill.

As sides switched, Elevate needed an almost flawless half to just make it to overtime, something they looked to be doing.

Two rounds in a row w7m were left in a 1v5 situation as Elevate completely neutralised their defensive crutch, Volpz.

At 3-6, Elevate looked set to continue their unlikely comeback before Herdsz killed the defuser carrier and simply hid to take the map, 7-3, in a 1v3 clutch.

This was the first map infront of a crowd for both teams, and by the end both had adapted to it well.

Map 2 - Bank

W7m's own pick was much closer throughout.

Starting with Elevate attacking, both teams needed impressive clutches to keep the half tight despite this usually being w7m's terrain.

A 3-3 half on w7m's preferred map and side was a great start for Elevate.

As sides switched, Elevate looked to be running away with it. Two rounds running were then responded to quickly before a quadruple kill from Onigiri guaranteed at least overtime.

Finally, the map ended thanks in key to a strong late double kill by MrPuncH after Onigiri softened up the roster on entry.

Map 3

Thee pivotal third map was Border, a map that w7m won five times out of seven attempts in Stage 2.

Multiple initial almost-flawless rounds were followed up by two clutches, including an impressive 1v3 by Jv92 to give w7m an initial lead before yet another almost flawless round ended the half at 3-3.

As sides switched, Elevate had to attack without the Montagne that had been so crucial during map two.

To begin, Elevate managed to rip through w7m due to a quad kill from DCH, and then a triple by Onigiri before w7m finally added one to their count. The only kill Volpz got in these rounds was traded immediately.

This was the start of three in a row from w7m, as they earned the first series point of the playoffs. Onigiri then took the game to overtime as he got a double kill onto Herdsz and GdNN1 who looked to be onto a 2v4 retake.

Finally, two rounds later, w7m stopped the game from going to a crucial round 15 as GdNN1 won two 1v1 clutches in a row to take the series.

W7m will now progress onto tomorrow's semi-finals, where they will face the winner of FaZe vs FURIA. This guarantees a Brazilian team in the grand-final.

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