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XDefiant Bomb mode: Everything you need to know

Here's the intel on the XDefiant Bomb game mode

Image of XDefiant players aiming down sights of weapons while standing back to back

Ever since launch, XDefiant fans have demanded a mode that resembles Call of Duty's Search and Destroy and Ubisoft is releasing one in the form of the XDefiant Bomb mode.

Arriving as part of Season 1 alongside a battle pass packed with content and the LVOA-C assault rifle that's bound to cause a change in the meta, Bomb is a brand-new mode expected to add another layer of tactics to the free-to-play arena shooter.

With that said, find everything about Bomb mode and how it works in this guide.

XDefiant Bomb mode release date

Ubisoft says the Bomb game mode will launch at some point during Season 1 which commences on July 2nd, 2024 and is expected to run into September.

Can you use abilities in XDefiant Bomb matches?

Judging by the Season 1 reveal trailer, players can use abilities during Bomb matches. The concept of using different abilities in a single-life mode has the potential to create a wealth of unique situations where players can use the abilities to attack and defend objectives.

XDefiant players aiming down sights of a rifle with a teammate in background

XDefiant Bomb mode rules

Exact information on the rules for the XDefiant Bomb game mode remains a mystery but we do know matches will feature 6v6 competition along with two bomb sites for teams to attack and defend.

It's unclear if the mode features any weapon restrictions but we'll update the guide with all there is to know as more information appears.

That's everything there is to know about the XDefiant Bomb mode so far. The mode is an interesting contrast to the fast-paced nature of the other game modes and is bound to capture the attention of those looking for a more tactical way of playing.

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