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BLAST R6 Stage 2 2023 details announced - Starting dates, map pool changes, and more

Ubisoft has announced more details regarding the upcoming stage.

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Banner image: Ubisoft / João F. @itsmeERROR

Ubisoft has unveiled new details regarding the upcoming stage, including map pool changes, new dates, and more.

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Map Pool Changes

Heading to 2023's Stage 2, Villa and Theme Park will be replaced by Nighthaven Labs and Consulate.

Nighthaven Labs was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege with the arrival of Operation Solar Raid. Meanwhile, Consulate is returning to the competitive scene after Ubisoft's re-work introduced in Operation Dread Factor.

Despite the changes announced today, Rainbow Six Siege's competitive map pool still consists of nine maps.

Stage 2 dates announced

Moreover, Ubisoft has announced the starting dates for the BLAST R6 Leagues. They will all kick off during the first two weeks of September.

Here's the starting date for each competition:

  • Europe League Stage 2: Sep. 4
  • North America League Stage 2: Wed. 6
  • Brazil League Stage 2: Sat. 9
  • Japan League Stage 2: Sep. 2
  • Korea League Stage 2: Sep. 1
  • Oceania League Stage 2: Sep. 11
  • LATAM League Stage 2: Sep. 4
  • MENA League Stage 2: Sep. 6
  • Asia League Stage 2: Sep. 2

Team Falcons invited to MENA League Stage 2

Due to Team Falcons having won the MENA League 2023 Stage 1, the Saudi Arabian-majority roster has been invited to the second stage.

The seven remaining teams will qualify to the competition through the league qualifiers.

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