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Black Ops 6 file size explained

Here's all the intel on the Black Ops 6 file size

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July 8th 2024: With more information on the file size appearing, we've updated our guide with the latest intel.

The Black Ops 6 file size is essential information for those running low on storage spa on storage space.

With COD Next 2024 moving into view along with the beta, Black Ops 6 fans are preparing to load into Treyarch's latest release to test the innovative Omnimovement system and a new gun list packed with variety.

Call of Duty titles often feature a large file size and in this guide, we've got everything there is to know about how much storage is required to download the game.

Black Ops 6 file size

Thanks to the Xbox store, the approximate file size for Black Ops 6 is 309.8 GB. While this may seem huge for a Call of Duty game, the size is for the Call of Duty application which contains the majority of files for 2022's Modern Warfare 2, 2023's Modern Warfare 3, and Warzone.

The size of Black Ops 6 on its own hasn't appeared yet. Based on previous releases, we expect it to be at least 100 GB in size thanks to the vast amount of content Treyarch has in store across the single-player, multiplayer, and zombies modes.

Once information surrounding the individual file size of Black Ops 6 appears, we'll update the guide with the latest information.

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Why is Black Ops 6 so large?

For many, 300 GB for a game seems excessive but new players to Call of Duty and don't have the application installed are required to download the additional MW2, MW3, and Warzone files in addition to the Black Ops 6 files.

The game itself will be significantly smaller than the total size of the application which is good news for those who already have the app installed.

That's all there is to know about the Black Ops 6 file size so far. For more, check out our other guides revealing if the game is a DLC and a closer look at how the perks work.

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