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Berlin Major quarter-final matchups revealed

We're getting closer to this weekend's playoffs!

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Following the conclusion of the Berlin Major groups, the playoff matches have been drawn, letting us know who will face who in Friday's quarter-finals.

Top seeds: XSET, G2, w7m, FURIA Bottom seeds: Rogue, FaZe, Wolves, Elevate

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These BO3 quarter-finals will be played on Friday in front of a live crowd in Berlin at the following times (CEST, UTC+2):

  • 11 AM -- Quarter-Final #1
  • 2 PM -- Quarter-Final #2
  • 5 PM -- Quarter-Final #3
  • 8 PM -- Quarter-Final #4

The BO3 semi-finals will then take place on Saturday, followed by the BO5 grand-final and new season reveal on Sunday.

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