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Beaulo announces retirement from professional Rainbow Six

After a distinguished career, one of North America's greats calls it quits.

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Today, TSM star player Jason "Beaulo" Doty announced in a video posted on Twitter his departure from competitive Rainbow Six. Beaulo's professional career began in June 2019 when he joined the ex-Excelerate gaming roster shortly before the team joined TSM, the only organization that he has represented ever since.

In nearly four years of professional play, Beaulo has amassed an impressive resume as one of the game's greats. TSM was regularly in contention for the best team in North America during his tenure, and Beaulo was often the driving force behind those teams. He earned one SiegeGG MVP Medal at Dreamhack Montreal 2019, TSM's first event victory, and four separate EVP medals, three of which came at the Six Invitational. SiegeGG ranked him the #7 Player in Year 4, the #5 Player of Year 5, and a Top Ten Honorable Mention in Year 6.

Unquestionably his greatest achievement was helping TSM towards a world championship at the Six Invitational 2022, cementing Beaulo's legacy as one of the best the game has ever had.

Outside of professional play, Beaulo has a successful YouTube and streaming career, so it is possible he will remain involved in Rainbow Six in some capacity outside of professional competition.

You can view Beaulo's career stats and achievements on his player page.

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