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Battlefield 2042 is free-to-play this weekend

Battlefield 2042 will become a free-to-play game for three days!

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It's a good time to be a Battlefield 2042 fan. With the arrival of Season 7 on Mar. 19, EA is introducing multiple tweaks, new maps, new guns, and more content to the game. As we approach the patch's release time, fans are getting more excited.

New content always means that more players will want to try out the game, especially those who don't own the title, as they will logically understand what's behind everyone's hype. Unfortunately, Battlefield 2042 isn't a free-to-play game... yet.

Battlefield 2042 to become free to play for a limited time

EA is going a step further. To celebrate the launch of Season 7, the team has decided to make Battlefield 2042 free to play from Mar. 21 to Mar. 24.

The players who decide to try out the game using this free trial will have access to all of the maps, weapons, gadgets, vehicles, and more.

Following the conclusion of this free trial, players won't be able to continue playing the game unless they purchase EA's title. However, we don't think it's smart to wait for the free weekend, and here's why.

Battlefield 2042 discount on Steam

If you haven't gotten EA's title yet, you can purchase it now for USD$8.99 as its price has recently been reduced temporarily due to Steam's spring discounts. This discount will be on Steam until Mar. 21, right when Battlefield 2042's free trial begins.

Therefore, if you think you will be interested in buying the game soon, we think it's wiser if you purchase Battlefield 2042 now. If you wait for the free trial to start, you will only be able to enjoy the game for three days!

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