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Automaton gunships pose new threat to Helldivers

The bots are retaliating

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Helldivers 2 players' war aims have focused on eradicating the Automatons following one of the latest Major Orders. However, the Automatons are proving even tougher than first thought, with the introduction of previously unseen military hardware turning the tide of battles across Super Earth.

Shortly after the release of the latest weekly patch, players started to encounter two new Automaton vehicles: heavy walking tanks and armored gunships hovering in the skies.

The latter was recently confirmed by the game's official account on X (formerly Twitter) with the following breaking news video:

The gunships have already proven themselves on the battlefield. Unlike Shriekers, the flying Terminid bugs, these gunships are fast and can rain fire at Super Earth troops on the ground.

To destroy them, you will want to get your hands on a BIG gun, such as the Quasar Cannon.

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The Helldivers 2 account on X recently declared April 3 as Malevelon Creek Memorial Day, a day to honor the fallen of Malevelon Creek, a planet the Automatons previously controlled.

Although the extinction of the bot race was looking very likely, these two new vehicles show us that they still have some aces in their sleeves in their defense against Super Earth's liberators.

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