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Helldivers 2 players can get a free cape this week to celebrate Malevelon Creek Memorial Day

Their sacrifices will not be forgotten

The official Helldivers account on X/Twitter posted that a special memorial cape will be available for all players this week "so they may carry the memory of their fallen companions into battle."

Malevelon Creek has become a popular planet among players, known as the planet where people go to die, thanks to the Automaton-controlled planet being notoriously brutal.

April 3 will forever be etched in the minds of Helldivers, as the President of Super Earth has officially declared it as Malevelon Creek Memorial Day, a day of remembrance and honor for the fallen.

The memorial cape called 'Fallen Hero's Vengeance' features no armor passive benefits as the cape is standard issue, and its stats are as follows:

  • Armour Rating - 100
  • Speed - 100
  • Stamina Regen - 100

The cape, featuring a black-and-white colour scheme with a red Helldivers logo in the middle, will be issued to all Helldivers this week to remember the fallen.

"Our heroic fallen live on in this cape, guiding its bearer's aim to the heart of those who killed them", reads the description.

In addition, the post on the Helldivers account declared that April 3 will be forever remembered as the President of Super Earth honoured the fallen.

"PRESIDENTIAL DECREE: The President of Super Earth has officially recognized this day as Malevelon Creek Memorial Day."

Helldivers 2 also received a new patch this week that introduced two new planetary hazards and an increased level cap, seeing the existing cap of 50 triple in size to 150. The constant flow of updates keeps the game fresh and alive, helping retain the devoted following that has gathered since launch.

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