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Astralis race out to early lead, close out dominating 2-0 over Oxygen

Astralis are through to the grand finals

It was all Astralis from the beginning. They started fast, and finished faster. 

Currently, no one really has quite a grasp on the meta quite like Astralis has. They've only lost three maps all year through NAL play and this Major. 

Oxygen's run is done, but other than this best-of-three, they had a great showing. They ran through a good BDS team in the quarterfinals, and didn't drop a map in their group. 

However, today was all Astralis. Sometimes, the statistics don't tell the whole story. Today, they do. 

Across the two maps played, Oxygen only managed four rounds. Every member of Astralis notched above a 1.0 SiegeGG Rating -- Roman "Forrest" Breaux, the match MVP, notched a 1.55. Ethan "Nuers" James was the only player on Oxygen who tallied above a 1.0, but he still went negative in kills to deaths. A +2 on his 10 entry engagements boosted his rating severely. 

On the other end, Forrest is making a name for himself as one of the best fragging supports in North America. He has 52 kills over the five maps played, and has been almost inarguably the biggest reason why Astralis are performing so excellently. 

Astralis advance to face regional foe DarkZero in a clash of styles. DarkZero are the structured, older team, Astralis is the borderline chaotic, younger team. Despite having two teams from the same region, this grand finals is going to be a treat. 

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