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Apex Legends Season 21: Release date, Alter, and everything we know

A new legend is coming

Apex Legends Season 21

Even though we are still waiting for the first teasers, it is not too early to start thinking about Season 21 of Apex Legends. After all, leaks about the content coming this time have started to come in.

As we wait for any in-game teaser and/or official announcements, we have gathered all the info known so far about the game's next season.

Release date

As we can tell by looking at the in-game countdown, Season 21 of Apex Legends is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, May 7. A new update will be released to add the new content and will be available at 10:00 am PST (5:00 pm GMT).

Barring any delays or unexpected extensions, the new season should last around three months and a significant patch should be released around mid-way through.

New legend: Alter

With Season 20 having skipped this element, it is no surprise that Season 21 is adding a new legend to the mix. Osvaldatore, a prominent Apex Legends leaker, already revealed not only the name of the new character but also her look and abilities.

The new legend will reportedly be called Alter and here is the first in-game picture shared by the leaker:

If you want to know more about the character, you can visit this link as we will be gathering all of her information there.

Other details

As always, a series of in-game teasers for this new season are coming and leaker HYPERMYST confirmed these will be released on April 16,  19, and 22. These teasers usually give players a heads-up on what's changing or being added.

Once we know more about Season 21, we will update this article to add all the new details as we get closer to its arrival.

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