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Apex Legends battle pass receives a revamp and players are not happy

Reception hasn't been so positive...

revenant reborn executing ballistic from apex legends

Respawn has announced a big revamp coming to the Apex Legends battle pass in Season 22, making players react negatively.

Each season will now deliver two battle passes, one per split, and each one will offer 60 levels of rewards. Just like before, every pass will have a free and premium track, but a third one called Premium+ will be added.

Some users pointed out on social media that the BlackCell tier from the Call of Duty battle pass and its success in sales could be the inspiration behind this new tier.

To clear things up, the studio posted the following graphic where you can see a comparison between the old rewards and new rewards for each tier:

graphic listing all the rewards of the new Apex Legends battle pass system

However, the change that is infuriating players and content creators alike is the fact that the Premium and Premium+ tiers will only be purchasable using real-life currencies and not Apex Coins.

In other words, players won't be able to buy one premium pass, level it up to get all the Apex Coins, and use those to buy the next one.

"Just call it the scammer pass," expressed one streamer on X (formerly Twitter). Other users were also angry at the wording of the official announcement. "Still in-awe of this master class in making price hikes sound like long requested changes from the community," said one user.

After the initial announcement, Respawn or EA haven't made any comments about the players' response to this change. It is unclear at this point if anything will change even though many people are voicing their opinion.

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