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APAC Week 2 Key Takeaways: Korea dominates once more, Wildcard resurgent down under

After two days of action, the second week in APAC is now over.

Image: Ubisoft/Kirill B.

Korea dominates APAC North

It was another splendid week for the South Korean teams, with Spear Gaming once again the only exception. 

SANDBOX Gaming obtained what could be a crucial victory at the end of the stage; a maximum overtime win against CAG. It was again Jiheon “GoodBoy” Lee who came to the rescue for the South Korean side, leading his teammates to a second victory.

Nevertheless, it’s not they who are sitting in second place but Talon Esports. The South Koreans defeated their region rivals Spear Gaming by a clear margin in a game where Im “saeyeora” Seung-Hwan faced his former team.

Meanwhile, DWG KIA defeated FAV gaming after some issues during their defensive half. On attack, however, the team absolutely smashed the Japanese roster and won all four second-half rounds.

Wildcard lead after upset win over Dire Wolves

Wildcard’s first stage wasn’t great, with the Australians scoring just seven points in seven games. But so far, stage two looks different, with the team already having secured six points from just two games.

It was not Dire Wolves’ lucky day this week, as the Taiwanese squad lost despite obtaining eight of the twelve entry kills in the match. This was despite Chih-Kang "HARAM3E." Huang and Tsung-Cheng "Ed" Hou suffering from COVID.

Vincent “Vincere” Daniele was differential for Wildcard, with the player registering 17 kills and driving his team to all three points.

It’s been a difficult start for Dire Wolves so far. With just two points for them so far, it could be do-or-die for them as the players will face the Chiefs next week.

FURY upset Chiefs to win first points all season

Following a winless first stage, the Thai squad of FURY signed former Elevate players Sirasit “BGMan” Ariyasirisopon and Sumate “Nay..Pew” Srimabut in an attempt to change the team’s dynamic. Spoiler alert: it seems to have worked.

FURY’s first victim are none other than the Chiefs, who competed in the last two Majors. The win itself was a shock to many, given the wide disparity in track records, and the 7-2 margin was the electric icing on top of the shock cake.

While everyone on FURY performed well, Nay..Pew and Surachat “Hajime” Loednaweporn ended up with almost identical stats. Meanwhile, everyone in Chiefs except for Ethan “Ethan” Picard finished with SiegeGG Ratings well below 1.00. 

Invictus defeat Gladiators despite three Ape clutches

Invictus Gaming have obtained their first win of the stage -- against former player Jose “Jo” Iman  -- after having lost last week against their former captain Glen "Lunarmetal" Suryasaputra. The win will be vital to the so-called super-team's bid to return to international competition in a tightly contested league.

Stats-wise, the players dominated Gaimin Gladiators and possibly deserved a regulation win -- save for their inability to hold onto crucial man advantages. An incredible performance from Razaan “Ape” Adiprakasa nearly ruined Invictus’ day, as the Indonesian clutched three rounds. 

He was not the only Gaimin Gladiator player capable of shining when it mattered most, as Jo’s clutch on round six leveled the scoreboard at 3-3.

But Invictus needs to do better. Last week, the team lost to the Knights on overtime despite registering nine opening kills. Consistent issues have kept the team from securing an additional three points and could kneecap their attempt from going to the Berlin Major.