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APAC Leagues to start on Sep. 14 and 15, APAC South to be seven-team league

APAC North will kick off first.

Following the start of the EUL on Monday and the NAL on Tuesday, APAC will get underway on Sep. 14 and 15.

APAC North will be the first of the two APAC Leagues to get underway on Sep. 14, with games every Wednesday.

APAC South will then follow on Sep. 15, with games every Thursday except on Oct. 6. Instead, there will be a play day on Saturday, Oct. 15. It will also be a seven-team league and each team will thus receive an additional US$214 in prize money, after Chiefs ESC left the scene and its team disbanded.

A list of fixtures has not been published yet, though.

As with Stage 2, the region will not feature any APAC Playoffs at the end of the stage. Instead, the top two teams from APAC North and APAC South, each, will head to the November Major. The November Major is slated to be held in APAC itself and a home event could be extra motivation for some teams.

The top two teams in each league will also get 215 SI Points, with third place getting 205 points and fourth place getting 145 points.

Teams such as Wildcard Gaming and FURY from APAC South and Fnatic and REJECT will hope to avoid the relegation zone on the other end of the table.

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