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NA day 13: Evil Geniuses secures the bread, Cloud 9 escape relegation

Catch up on what happened day 13 of NA Pro League

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Map: Villa

C9: FoxA, Goddess, Laxing, Retro, Mark

Noble: Yeti, ZZ, Krazy, Breezy, Acid


In an important match to decide who’s in danger of relegation, C9 and Noble faced off on Villa. C9 were the favorites, but a strong opening set Noble ahead. C9, led by FoxA with back to back clutches, pulled ahead to finish the match safe from relegation, putting Noble in 8th place.


Map: Villa

SSG: Chala, ThinkingNade, Rampy, Redeemer, Bryan

Mousesports: England, HyperBeastly, Vandal, Vertcl


In a battle for second place and LAN contention, SSG was bested by a dominating Mouz. A strong performance by Rampy wasn’t enough to save the team's hopes. Mouz was led by Hyper with an impressive 1.72 rating. This loss ends SSG’s chances of going to LAN and locks Mouz in the top half of NA.


Map: Villa

SK: Mint, Pojoman, HotanCold, Nyx, Jarvis

EG: Geoo, Canadian, Yung, NvK, Necrox


In an exciting matchup, Evil Geniuses and SK battled for the first place in NA and the first guranteed LAN spot for the region. Evil Geniuses secured the bread and has guaranteed themselves a spot at LAN and Invitationals. SK struggled on attack against an aggressive roam game from Geoo and were only able to secure one attacking and one defending round. SK now has to play Rogue next week for their final shot at going to LAN.


Map: Consulate

Obey: Skys, Adam, Bosco, Mahman, Kenz

Rogue: Supr, Slashug, Ecl9pse, Shuttle, Easilly


In an important match for both teams, Rogue launched themselves in to contention for a LAN spot. With Slashug playing an aggressive Smoke, Rogue was able to lock down their defense rounds. Obey, playing with Kenz in place of Benji, fell behind on attack. Obey missed a chance at protecting themselves from the auto-relegated 8th place and will now play Noble to determine who is auto-relegated.