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BeNeLux Season 2: Week 1

Catch up on what happened in Week 1 of BeNeLux Season 2.

Game 1: DEMISE 2-0 Free Gains


Maps: Consulate (6-2), Club House (6-3), Oregon (not played)


Team Demise: Stead, Farooq, rxwd, sNKy and Blaz

Free Gains: Kwekko, Kroap, Aizy, Flamy and Anthox


Team Demise gave us an amazing start to the second season of the BeNeLux League today with a strong victory over Free Gains. The first map played in this matchup was Consulate, Demise banned Ying and Echo while Free Gains banned Blackbeard and Mira. Starting off on attack, Demise looked strong while Free Gains slacked heavily securing only two rounds on the map.

The second map did not go any different. On Club House Demise banned Hibana and Echo while Free Gains decided to ban Lion and Mira. Despite abit of a shaky start to the map, Free Gains was able to get a slight advantage in score, but team Demise followed up ultimately leading to Free Gains’ demise in week 1.


Game 2: Flash Point 2-0 Cryptick Gaming


Maps: Border (7-6), Villa (6-2), Consulate (not played)


Flash Point: Dark, HzDef, Scorpz, Sejinex and TigerB

Cryptick Gaming: Dopey, Daankey, MortaR, Rhino and TerroR


Flash Point had a less great start to the season as they played against Cryptick Gaming who qualified for the Benelux League through open qualifiers.

The first map of Border was a much closer map than the players of Flash Point might like as it went all the way to the last round of overtime where they managed to win it in a bomb planted, 1v1 situation.

The second map, however, Flash Point played like what was expected from them. Villa started with one point for Cryptick Gaming before Flash Point took the following rounds by storm securing the win.


Game 3: DiversityGG vs MnM Gaming BLX


Maps: Coastline (3-6), Border (2-6), Club House (not played)


DiversityGG: Krxks.nT, Phen0m, RiPro, Soft and ZAYROR

MnM: Craxan, Fippsi, imEdd, Kabouter and SoulSeekeR


With a dominating performance, MnM Gaming BLX, previously known as New Kicks Turbo, won both maps with ease. On the first map, Coastline, DiversityGG banned Ying and Mira while MnM banned Ash and Clash. Starting on the attacking side DiversityGG struggled against the defense of MnM from which they couldn’t recover after the swap of sides.

On Border MnM banned Glaz and Clash while DiversityGG banned Ying and Mira again. The second map did not go in favor of DiversityGG either where they were able to secure only two rounds before falling to MnM


Game 4: Trust Gaming vs OG Squad


Maps: Coastline (6-2), Consulate (7-5), Club House (not played)


Trust Gaming: Snuf, Avaiche, Deapek, Leonski and Quadzy

OG SQUAD: NXRO, Fantomia, Dawiid, Dildosor and Roby


The biggest surprise of the night came from the matchup between Trust Gaming, the winners of the previous BeNeLux League Season, and OG Squad, a team that came through the open qualifiers. Map one went as expected with a clear dominating performance by Trust Gaming.

On the second map, however, Trust seemed to struggle. OG squad looked strong on Consulate and made it believable that we could see a third map. Trust eventually pulled a comeback to overtime where they managed to win the map and the match.



Our highlights from the first day of Benelux Season 2 are live!

Demise vs FreeGrains:

Flash Point vs Cryptick:


Be sure to catch Week 2 of the BeNeLux League Season 2 on the official Twitch channel at 7pm CEST next week on the 3rd of October. To see all the upcoming game schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.