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NA Day 9: EG Outweighs SSG, Obey Leaves the Relegation Zone

Catch up on what happened during the North American Pro League Play Day #9.

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Game 1: Evil Geniuses 6 - 2 Spacestation Gaming View Match Page

Map: Consulate EG: Canadian, BC, Yung, Geoo and Necrox SSG: Redeemer, Chala, Thinkingnade, Bryan and Rampy

In the battle for second place, EG shows up with Necrox subbing in for nvK. EG needed this win so that in the case of a tie SSG wouldn’t win the tie breaker and possibly leave EG without LAN and an Invitational 2019 spot. With the whole team going positive and dominating the game Evil Geniuses tie SK Gaming with 17 points and find themselves 3 points away from Rogue and SSG 3th and 4th respectively.

Game 2: SK Gaming 5 - 5 Mousesports View Match Page

Map: Coastline SK: Mint, Pojoman, Jarvis, Hotancold and Nyx Mouz: Vandal, Beastly, Hyper, Vertcl and England

SK Gaming approached this game with the possibility of maintaining their lead while Mouz looks to stay away from the relegations zone. But a strong performance from mousesports would leave SK with just 1 point and now tied with EG with 17 points while on the other hand Mouz finds themselves just 1 point away from the relegation zone.

Game 3: Obey Alliance 6 - 4 Cloud 9 View Match Page

Map: Border Obey: Skys, Bosco, MahMan, Adam and Benji C9: Goddess, Laxing, Mark, Retro and FoxA

In the match that might determine the relegated team this season, Obey looked to hang their 2nd W this season while C9 looked to get away from the 7th place of the standings. In a match that looked to end up in a tie going back and forth all the way to 4-4, Obey would pull through and win the last 2 rounds to take the 3 points and leave Cloud9 behind in the battle to remain in Pro League.

Game 4: Rogue 5 - 5 Noble esports View Match Page

Map: Oregon Rogue: Easilyy, Slashug, Ecl9pse, Shuttle and Supr Noble: Yeti, Heavy, Acid, Krazy and Breezy

Rogue coming into this game found the possibility to leave SSG behind and get closer to SK and EG in the battle for the season finals and Invitational 2019 spots. But Noble was fighting to stay away from the 8th spot and with a draw they both fail to do so as Rogue is now 3rd, tied with SSG 3 points behind the leaders and Noble is 7th, 1 point away from Cloud9.

These are the standings for North American Pro League after 9 Play Days:

Be sure to catch Day 10 of North American Pro League on the official Twitch and YouTube channels on Monday, September 24th at 8 pm EDT/2 am CEST/9 pm BRT. To see all the upcoming games schedules, go to our Matches page, and check out completed games stats by clicking on the individual games.

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