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Planetkey Dynamics Rejoins R6

The German organisation picks up the old Ouroboros roster after 8 months away from the scene.

Planetkey Dynamics Rejoins R6

The roster consisting of Joe, MadMouse, Heisennberg, Pieda, Cry1NNN and Spaawn (the team manager) had previously won the Six Lounge Series #5, taking home the €3,000 prize money. They currently compete in both the European Cyberathletic Championship Series (CCS) and the Six Lounge Series #6, demonstrating that they are a strong up and coming team.

In CCS, the team currently ranks sixth out of eight teams with a fairly balanced 3 wins to 4 losses, though with a game in hand compared to most other teams. This means that if they win this week’s match against Edenity they will, most likely, be pushed into the top 4 places required for playoff qualification at the midseason point. Meanwhile, in the Six Lounge Series, the roster managed a close draw against Entropy Gaming in the only game of the season so far which will act as a good starting point into the new season.

The organisation of Planetkey Dynamics has had a number of previous rosters, which included members such as Hungry and PARAA, who are currently in Pro League with Orgless, aRanioN, who’s in Challenger League (CL) with T3H Esports, and morxzas, mousesports’ current coach. With these teams the org has achieved two Six Lounge Series victories (in SLS #2 and #3), as well as 2 CL appearances during Season 5, where they came second, and Season 6, where they only managed a disappointing joint 7th-place finish.


We spoke with Pieda from the roster to talk about their new pickup:

Can you tell us a bit about your team, for instance how the players came together and what your current roles are?

Team Ouroboros is a team that played competitively on PS4 for a really long time, but someday they chose to switch to PC. At that moment one player switched to sub role and I got into the main team. Basically, me and Heisenberg are Support/Anchor. Joe and Cry1nnn are Roaming/Entry-Fragging and MadMouse is Flex.

How does it feel to join an org that has been a staple of the German community over the last 2 years?

It's amazing to have this chance to play in such a well-known organisation. Everybody in the German R6 Community back then knew the old Planetkey Dynamics team and it's an honour for us to represent them again. We were waiting really long to join an organisation that really supports us in what we do and in what we want to achieve. The whole team is really happy Planetkey Dynamics offered us this huge opportunity.

Your team is currently middle of the table in both EU CCS and in Six Lounge Series. Going forward what can we expect from your team?

We are aiming for the best results out in both tournaments. We won the last Six Lounge Series so we are trying our best to win it again this season. Right now, we are in a good spot in the group stage and are confident we can get to playoffs, and finally into the LAN Finals. In the CCS Tournament we are struggling right now, so we keep scrimming and improving ourselves to reach the playoffs and hopefully win this tournament.

Other than CCS and the SLS can we expect your team to be joining any other competitions in the near future?

Our biggest goal is to get to Challenger League. Other tournaments like SLS or CCS are a good way to test your skill against other teams, but the most important thing we are scrimming and dedicating so much time for us to get into the Challenger League. Of course, we are playing (in the) Paris Major qualifiers too. It would be amazing to get into Stage 2 and Stage 3 of the qualifiers to play against Challenger League teams, and finally Pro League teams for a spot in Paris. And even if we don't get a Major spot, you can get so much experience playing against such high-level teams and take that experience going forward to get better as a team.

Planetkey Dynamics’ next game will be against the Russian team of Edenity on Wednesday at 8.30pm CEST as their CCS campaign continues, followed by their second SLS game next Tuesday against Turtle eSports.